Shooting weddings is always an adventure, and I take pride in approaching each wedding video I produce as something new. Creatively, this is where most videographers could become formulaic and end up repeating themselves, but when you come to me I guarantee you're getting a unique voice. One that not only captures your day exactly as you remember it, but also becomes exciting to watch over-and-over again. 



Short films in disguise. I would love to work with you and your band to come up with a concept that is compelling, imaginative, and fun to create. I'm available for consultation, writing, directing, cinematography, and editing.

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For when you're crowdfunding, launching a new product, or showcasing your brand. We'll work together to find the best way to make it happen. Available for writing, directing, cinematography, and editing.


For the majority of my videography career I've been lucky to work with several dance companies in/around Austin to capture some beautiful performances. I love working with dancers because I'm passionate about the artform, and movement works very well with the film medium.



Events are your standard videographer affair, but are also the hardest to pull off in terms of finding the right balance of story and promotion. Whether it's a party, product launch, grand opening, or benefit, there's a story to tell that doesn't involve just pointing the camera at everything and putting it all together.


BTS + Live Performance Capture

Also known as Documentary, Behind-The-Scenes, or Mini-Docs - these styles of videos are perfect for anything that doesn't fit a mold. I've done BTS for films, music videos, and photoshoots. I've even shot mini docs for bands, athletes, and artists. There's not a one-size-fits-all package for Documentary Style videos, so be sure to contact me if you have any ideas or want to collaborate, and we'll definitely work something out.



If you are a company that relies on video for branding and marketing, then you've come to the right place.



Who doesn’t like to dance?

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