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Plush Party Band Promo

Evolve Dance Company

Dance Africa Fest

Currently Editing by Derek Allison

Chiki Buttah

Starting Pre-Production

Vamps Dance Promo

ATX Translation Videos

2/3rds Shot. Final Shoot date on September 13th. Then need to edit.

Heartsupport Book Promos

In pre-production with Mattias.

Kerbey Lane Chef Interview

Kerbey Lane Drink Videos

Carson McHone Music Video

Double Music Video Project (Derek)

Currently gearing up for production in October



For the Love of the Redwoods

Written & Directed
by Alexander Hiers

SYNOPSIS: Two best friends are in love with the Redwood sisters. When they plan a joint proposal in hopes of putting rings on it forever, they are devastated when the sisters say "no." Now, they have a plan to get them back, and they enlist the help of the third sister to put their plan in motion. Will they succeed?

STATUS: Searching for Financing. Currently in Pre-Production.

Pizza Boy (Mattias)

Written & Directed
by Mattias Marasigan

SYNOPSIS: Mateo is a mystery. He works a normal job as a pizza delivery boy. He lives with his stoner friends. He takes his grandmother out to bingo nights. The thing is: No one knows what he wants in life? He's smart. He's talented. But somehow he's content. Is there something missing? What keeps him from pursuing any dreams? After a fateful delivery, we might just find out.

STATUS: Searching for Financing. Currently in Pre-Production.

How To Get Your Roommate To Do The Goddamn Dishes

Written and Directed
by Spencer Mirabal

SYNOPSIS: Cassie is a vlogger who just wants her roommate to do the goddamn dishes. For the entertainment of her followers, and to maintain sanity, she starts putting together a "How To" video with that exact goal. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned.

STATUS: Treatment done. Greenlit. Waiting on script.

Meta Zombie

Written by Mattias Marasigan

SYNOPSIS: There is a group of friends who gets together regularly for game/movie nights. They shut off their phones. They enjoy each other's company. They consider themselves a family. One night, that family is threatened when they find their neighborhood is part of an emergency quarantine zone. What happened while they were off the grid? How will they get out of the neighborhood? More importantly, what is one of their friends doing standing outside, in the street, not moving, and looking like she's been in a car accident?

STATUS: Still writing.

Catcher In The Rye

Adapted by Mattias Marasigan

SYNOPSIS: Taken from chapter 13-14 of the book by the same name, Catcher follows the infamous Holden Caufield as he returns to his hotel room, gets propositioned by a pimp, who consequently sends a girl up to his room, only for nothing to happen as Holden just wants to talk. In fact, he talks a LOT in this script. When there is a disagreement about price the young prostitute leaves, and when she returns with the pimp Holden learns why the movies will actually kill ya.

STATUS: Written. Waiting on greenlight.

Finding Brando

Written by Mattias + Spencer

SYNOPSIS: When it comes to casting in Austin, TX, it can sometimes be a very dull affair. At least it is for Anna, an experienced casting director who is slowly losing her passion as she does commercial after commercial, and web ad after web ad. She got into this career because she had an eye for talent. She just needs the opportunity to use it. When a young up-and-coming director comes back to Texas, visiting from L.A., with a new script, and a desire to shoot in Austin, he approaches Anna for casting. Is this the film that can put some actors, this town, and her on the map? 

STATUS: Still writing.

The Control

Written by Mattias Marasigan

SYNOPSIS: Nicholas loves love, and he is always hoping to meet that special someone. In today's dating scene, however, it becomes harder and harder for him to navigate the ins-and-outs of whether someone is actually into you or not. He'll get invested, basing a relationship of a connection he thinks exists, only to find out she isn't really interested, sees him as a friend, or worse, has a boyfriend already. His friend Jake, and producer on the films they work on, suggests getting a Control - a girl to act as a constant so he can read the others more clearly. Nicholas shrugs this off, but when he thinks he feels a moment between him the new lead actress on a film set one day, he begins to think Jake is right, as he doesn't want to get too invest too fast without knowing for sure. Will he find his control?

STATUS: Still writing.

Before We Do

Written by Mattias Marasigan

SYNOPSIS: Alexander and Madeline are two strangers who happen to be celebrating their bachelor and bachelorette parties, on the same night, at two adjacent bars. They both take a break and have a meetcute outside. After a conversation, they realize that neither of them actually want to be at these parties, and decide to have a night to themselves, two strangers who just happen to be getting married tomorrow, in order to be as honest as possible about what's going on in their heads. They talk about love. They talk about marriage. They talk about each other. but what no one's talking about is what's going on between them.

STATUS: Rough draft written. Going through re-writes.

The Messenger

Written by Mattias Marasigan

SYNOPSIS: Chase wants to break into the underworld of crime and corruption, unfortunately he doesn't want to get his hands dirty. He thinks he has a genius idea, "Start an unbiased messenger service for the mob." Like postmates, but for criminals. He puts this plan into motion, but when he has a run-in with Clive, the top gangster in town, his plan doesn't go accordingly. In way over his head, Chase narrowly escapes becoming a message himself, only to return to the drawing board of other genius ideas. His next big plan? A heist. Now he just has to find a crew stupid enough as he is.

STATUS: Still writing.