I  B E L I E V E
in the gift of video.

Often in videography we run into clients whom we really want to work with, yet don't have the budget to afford our services. Even after discounts, waivers, and favors, sometimes the money isn't there. As a creator I attempt to keep my rates low and competitive, while still not compromising my need to pay the bills, so it pains me whenever partnerships don't come together. That's why I've put together this page, so that those who WANT to work with me have a chance to find investors for their projects, and I get to provide a product without sacrificing my vision. 

With YOUR help they can
the cost.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Below are a few people who currently have a contract with my production company to have videos shot by me in the near future. I've asked each of them to write a small blurb as to why they want this video made by me. I've also included a small synopsis (when necessary) regarding the concept of the video project. Each contract has a set amount which they are trying to fundraise and a deadline to get whatever funds they can.

100% of your donation goes directly towards their project budget.

WHAT IF THEY DON'T REACH THEIR GOAL? No worries. Every little bit counts, and even if they only get 10%, 20%, or 50% of their intended fundraising goal, that's still that much less that they have to pay to make their project happen.

WHAT IF THEY REACH THEIR GOAL? Then keep on giving! If we could give the entire video to a lucky person FOR FREE, then WHY NOT?! Just because there is a goal doesn't mean we have to stop there. Let's give them more than what they expected. Let's see if we can't upgrade their package. More importantly: Let's make this a gift worth remembering.


Aly + Tennyson Wedding

"We are getting married in 2018, but our parents refuse to pay for anything. We are forgoing gifts because we know that a well made video will last forever and we are confident that Mattias is the right person for the job."

GOAL: $500



"I'm 8 years old and have been wanting to make a video about my moose toy. I want to take him to california and create a story."

CONCEPT: Mooseboy goes to california. A story about living with lukemia.

GOAL: $1500

"What if I want to give a
general, non-specific, donation?"

I'm so glad you asked. One of my goals as a videographer is to ONE DAY have the ability to give out a video project ABSOLUTELY FREE. In order to do that I need to be making enough money to be sure that I won't be losing anything for taking on a free project without compromising on production value, creativity, or vision. More importantly, I don't want free projects to sit on the back-burner while I attempt to meet deadlines for my paid projects. Having the flexibility in my schedule and the ability to devote as much time and energy as possible to a project, whether it's free or otherwise, would be a tremendous blessing. That's why every donation that doesn't give towards a specific project (ie: other) will be put aside in order to make someone else's dream come true in the future.


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