On what you owe people as an actor


Love this quote from Chris Evans about becoming Captain America: 

You meet little kids, and that resonates. That’s when that hits home. It’s easy to think it and assume it, but once you meet a kid, you’re like, ‘Man. This kid really like looks up to me. What a strange thing? He doesn’t even know me,’ but that’s so funny. I remember feeling that way when I was a kid about certain things, and that’s a beautiful thing. Not to sound cheesy, but that’s really cool. And so you do want to – you owe that to them. That’s part of the responsibility of this job, and that’s a tricky thing that I was questioning about – it’s interesting the parallel of Steve’s character and just me in life. The parallels of what you owe. What do you, as an actor, where’s the line? What do I owe people? I chose to be in a profession that compromises anonymity, but does that mean, you have to know where I like go on vacation or what my dog’s name is? Where is that line? I categorize the way kids view you as something you owe, and it’s your responsibility. If you make stupid mistakes in your life. Then it tarnishes their image of you, that’s on you. You’re not free to just go be a jackass any more. Because I was before.

You can read the rest of the interview at slashfilm: http://www.slashfilm.com/on-set-interview-chris-evans-talks-captain-america-the-winter-soldier/